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we find people for Attorneys and Law Firms.


We search nationwide. We locate witnesses, class members, heirs, and individuals necessary to effectuate service. We also find clients. These are not new clients. They are your clients. The clients that you have signed up and you have been working on their case. You have put hundreds of hours into the case, and you now have something that will move the case forward. You have been reaching out, and your client is non-responsive. In fact, the bulk of our locates come from attorney offices that have lost track of their client. We will locate your client for you.
Once we have them on the line, we will attempt to place them on the line directly with you or the representative of your choice at your law firm.  If you are unavailable at the time that we call, we will leave a message for you with your client on the line updating the current contact information. We will then email you and let you know that we have left a voice mail with your client on the line.

We will reiterate the current contact information in the email to you, letting you know the best time to contact your client. Your case will be considered closed. Please be aware, that we cannot guarantee a direct connect with your client, as we cannot control when the client reaches out to us or when and if you will be available when we call during business hours. Please know that we will always try to connect to you directly first.



We search for assets, including Real Property.


We conduct background checks, including criminal records, civil cases, social media and employment. We also search for bankruptcies, judgements and liens.


We check business backgrounds, which includes locating corporate officers, principals and the Agent(s) for Service of Process.


We are a no-find, no fee.  If we cannot locate your client, you will not be invoiced. 

For lists of ten locates or more, we require a signed, written contract for services, which will be provided at the time of your request.   We require a 50% retainer prior to beginning work on your cases.   The other 50% will be due after we have located the first half of your clients.   For any clients that we are unable to locate, we will return that money to you. 
For requests of less than ten cases, to ensure the seamless processing of payments and avoid any potential disruptions in services, we request that you provide a credit card authorization that we can keep on file.  This measure is in place as part of our standard procedures, and it will only be utilized if your account becomes 30 days past due. We send over a copy of the credit card authorization at the time of your request. 
Please be assured that the information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used in accordance with our payment policies. If you prefer to use an alternative form of payment, kindly let us know at your earliest convenience, and we will make the necessary adjustments accordingly.
Lastly, please be aware, that a cancellation fee of $125 will apply to any case canceled after the initial 24-hour period. This fee helps cover administrative costs.
Thank you so much for reaching out to Peoplehunter! We look forward to helping you get your cases back on track.
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